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The St. Matthew's FC team

Project Description

The St. Matthew’s Project offers free, structured sports and coaching sessions in a safe, friendly environment to young people aged from 6 to 24. St. Matthew’s F.C is an F.A Charter Standard club (London Charter Standard Club of the Year 2014) but the St. Matthew’s Project is much more than just a football club, delivering a wide range of activities and development opportunities and offering support to young people beyond the football pitch.

SMFC Club Ethos

For many youth football clubs nowadays the emphasis is very much on young players ‘turning pro’, with coaches selling a dream that effectively doesn’t exist. While some of these clubs have a high turnover of boys gaining entry into pro club academies, the stark reality remains that only 1 out of 100 players actually signed to an academy will go onto play professionally at any level. And while several boys and girls have actually progressed into academies and centres of excellence from the SMP, we have also witnessed first-hand the often devastating impact being released from academies can have on young players.

An additional concern for us is that a growing number of parents who can ill afford it are forking out hundreds of pounds in fees to some clubs in pursuit of this ‘dream’. This makes us all the more proud that since the creation of SMFC in the 2005-06 season, the annual signing-on fee has remained the same at £10, enough to cover our insurance and league and F.A admin costs.

We believe that youth football is still about young players of mixed abilities coming together and enjoying their football as a team, as friends – win, lose or draw. While it is hard to compete with the so-called elite teams, we are pleased that our teams can more than hold their own across all the divisions.

Now recruiting for 2017/18 season

When: SMFC plays in the London County Saturday Youth Football League from September to May. Training takes place on Tuesdays & Thursdays all year round except summer holiday period.

Where: Home games at Brockwell Park, away games across London. Team training is in Brockwell Park during spring & summer and at Ferndale Community Sports Centre, Brixton during winter.

Ages: 2017-18 season: U10, U11, U12, U13, U14, U16 and new Girls’ U16s.

Cost: £10 signing-on fee (since 2005). Match subs: £3

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