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Lockdown Survey

    This survey is about how you feel about life during lockdown, SMP and other aspects of your life. There are no right or wrong answers, we just want to know what you think. The answers you give us are confidential.

    1. How often have you felt stressed in the last four weeks?

    2. Have you felt stressed since schools closed?
    [radio* stressed-schools-closed use_label_element default:1 "Yes" "No"]

    3. Since schools closed, how have you felt about the following:
    My schoolwork and /or exams

    Social media

    My group of friends

    Family Life

    My future and /or finding a job

    My physical health

    My mental health

    Not having enough money

    Not having enough food or clothes

    How I spend my time

    4. Which of these have you done most often to feel less stressed over the past 4 weeks (tick as applicable)

    5. How does this lockdown compare with the one last spring?

    6. How are you communicating with friends?

    7. Do you exercise every day? If so, how do you exercise?

    8. What’s it been like without The St Matthew’s Project?

    9. Is there anything you really miss?

    10. What do you do on Saturday mornings now?

    11. If you are in a SMFC team, what do you do on team training nights now?

    12. How does all this make you feel?